Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sitar indian restaurant - coorparoo

If you are a fan of not to so spicy north indian dishes, then you should try this place. I have not been of its other locations, the coorparoo is pretty good.

The dishes that i liked
1. Palak paneer - Not spicy even when ordered hot.
2. Bombay potatoes
3. Aloo saag.

and the naan is massive, the price is reasonable. i have not tried the rice dishes.

Overall the food is good but depending on the crowd it might be a long wait before your food is served.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Delhi dhaba

This place was long pending, and i finally gave a try yesterday...i went to the one on OMR probably 3-4 kms from tidel park, the ambience is good! i am not sure if they have valet parking but i guess you should be able to park your car even when it is crowded.

One thing that i would like to say about the food is that the taste is good but the quantity is definitely less. The cost is on the higher side... a nan costs 33, i would say decent meal for a couple would cost close to 500.. The menu item that i liked

1. paneer kalimirchi... tasty but they 4-5 pieces so if you are more than two then order for more
2. paneer peas masala...

The kadai chicken, gravy was good but the the chicken wasnt as good i would try chicken again... so overall

car park - yes
expensive - yes to an extent
ambience - good
service - good

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nights of Kabul

If Moguls had not invaded India, we would not have come to know about this delicious dish called Briyani, would we? ;). I used to think on these lines before eating or cooking Briyani. Most of us believe that briyani is Moguls dish, and was introduced to India by the Moguls. This belief could have been surfaced perhaps for the fact that Muslims cook delicious briyani. But, Chef Jacob in Time of India says, briyani existed in the sangam era in the name of “ஊன் சோறு” (Oon Soru, if you are Tamil challenged). Ancient Kings treated their soldiers with this dish before the war to thank them for taking part in the war and also in anticipation of victory. And this dish travelled all over the part and came back as a scrummy pack in the name of Briyani, he says. I'm still ambivalent about changing my perception though.

Coming back to the title of this post, Night of Kabul. We flocked to this Afghani restaurant in Melbourne some time back for a dinner. They serve authentic Afghani and persian dishes. I opted for their famous Kabuli Palau which was over in 3 mins from the time they served. Kabuli Palau is a must eat if you visit this or any other Afghani restaurant.This restaurant is located in the South Eastern suburb of Melbourne called Oakleigh.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Kati roll company

I had been to NYC and a few people I met mentioned this place to me and I had no clue whatsoever about a Kati Roll. Coming from Southern India and have never been north beyond Bangalore, I had to ask what a Kati Roll was. They patiently explained that its a paratha roll. I decided to give it a try.This place came as a pleasant surprise right on W 39th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue. They told me about the big Amitabh movie posters there and its a no frills restaurant. The menu is simple just like the place and I tried their paneer and aloo rolls. I loved the Aloo roll. My friend on the other hand went nuts over the Unda Roll (dont laugh...thats how they spell the Egg roll). Took some home and my mom loved it too. They have their menu listed online too. Must must place to visit next time you goto the city.

Here's the link to the Kati Roll company

Monday, February 16, 2009


i went to this restaurant third time, the place is usually crowded in the evenings so try to reserve before. The food is good... but for the first time i am writing about something not related to food in this blog... about the valet parking @ harrisons...
i honestly dont know where these people park your car... but i was not quite happy with them... i am pretty sure they had driven well over 3kms, if that was not enough the A/C was on full blast when the gave back... from now on i am going to check this additionally when i give for valet parking...

anyways back to the topic...

the menu item i liked
1. bharwan paneer
2. romali rolls
3. veg shashlik (better than the one in rain forest)

typically cost per couple ~ 400

food quality is good and veggie lovers you should like this place, the only -ve the waiting time....

Monday, February 9, 2009


I have been to this place to buy sweets and dry roti's earlier but i did not know they also served dinner.
I had dinner and i am not sure what they have for lunch, the dinner menu has two thali items

1. Gujarathi thali - ~ 120 (unlimited)
2. rajasthani thali - ~ 70 (limited)

the food is ok and they serve pretty quickly. So in case you want try gujarathi / rajasthani then check this place out!

Ramasamy Street
T. Nagar

Parking - is a problem, you will have to squeeze in your car on the road.
Location - Take left before crossword on venkatnarayana road (if you are going towards panagal park) and then ramasamy street will be on your right.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Best Restaurants in Olympia, Washington

Best food that i have add so far in Olympia,

Indian Food is great at the restaurant named - Cuisine of India, located at the downtown Olympia...You can enjoy the buffet there....they also have belly dancers once a week :)...Passage to India is another nice restaurant run by north indians....You can eat all north indian stuff there....i especially love the kababs & rothis there...

American Restaurant which my husband & i love to visit is The Oyster House,Anthony’s HomePort and couple of others at the waterfront...It's best to go during the Christmas time as they have the boat can look at the parade from inside the restaurant while your eating & enjoy the food...Excellent food, excellent wine, excellent is very expensive though as it is a formal place...

other places which are not so expensive are Denny's, they give u so much to eat that u really have to be hungry before u order....the table is full of can order any American food starting from fries, burgers, stake, sandwich, etc ...couple of other places that we hang out during weekends are Dairy Queen and Sizzler.

For best Italian food, dont miss Olive Garden...i love the chicken Marsala & Parmigrana, all there starters are superb..The meals are flavorful and consistent and the wine selection is also good.

Chinese ofcourse is Panda Express, I like the Entree & sides there....especially the chilli chicken, pepper fry, soup & noodles is great...