Monday, May 12, 2008

Saravana's fast food--

For most of you this is just another veggie restaurant with some great dosas. But there are so many dishes @ the Saravana's fast food outlet. (I hope they still make these dishes)
My early memories of HSB are from the Parry's corner outlet just opposite Kuralagam. I was in my first grade I believe when I first went to eat there. Just couldn't get enough of the food there. Used to envy my dad for eating lunch there everyday. Slowly they opened up the fast food chain and that caught on too.. I had also been to the one in New York recently (Lexington & 24th), and yet again had the mini idly and kaima idly.

My personal favorites
  • Dry fruit sandwich (its just tooooo good, my dad introduced me to this)
  • Kaima Idly (thanks to Vetri for letting me know about this dish)
There are ofcourse the standard favorites of mine,
  • 14 idli(my dad introduced me to this one too, eating this hot without burning your palate or ur tongue or your lips is very tricky)
  • Dosa
I still remember those good old days, watching movies @ Satyam and eating this finger licking delicious food @ HSB,Peter's road. The whole wait to find a nice spot to eat at this outlet is also another challenge.

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