Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Matsya - Thanigachalam street

First thing that comes to my mind after eating at Matsya - Decent food and decently priced. The restaurant is not over priced and the items are good.

Well the ambience is good, but there is not much parking space but you can always park in the side road ( As parking space is big problem in chennai i am going to talk about that also).

Located in Thanigachalam street in T.Nagar is a udipi chain. What i tasted was buffet for supper... i wanted to a-la-carte' but after seeing the buffet i went in for that. Buffet items are pretty much cover north, south and chinese items n then you have chaat items as well

as this for RS 199... I would say thats decently priced.

1. Food - good
2. Ambience - good
3. Hygienic - yes
4. Parking - I am not sure if they have valet parking, but you can park on the side road.
5. Pure vegetarian


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The blogger formerly known as Sansmerci said...

BR matsya is an awesome place :) i wanna try Matsya in Egmore tho heard its even better!