Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saravana bhavan - Swathi restaurant

This restaurant is in Peters Road, close to Sathyam theater. The place is pretty small, its in first floor, i strongly wouldnt recommend anyone here. Its not about the food its about the time they take to serve.

The restaurant is pretty expensive for the food they serve, the service i should say is horrible. The quantity is typical saravana bhavan the least they can give. One of the guys was totally rude to one of the customers. Its pathetic that some customers dont even react, afterall you are paying them and cant afford them to be rude at you.

All in all, i must say that saravana bhavan is loosing its name all the place. Guys at saravana bhavan its high time that you re visit your pricing and service.

Please refrain from this place unless you went for a evening show and you are not sure if any other restaurant will be open after 10 close to Sathyam.

My verdict - Do not go there unless you think you dont have any other choice.

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Sathish said...

Think, SB are trying that for years without success.. I mean to reduce customers...