Monday, September 1, 2008

The great kabab factory - Radisson

Location - 531 Radisson , GRT Hotel, GST Road Chennai. Decided to go this place as it was pretty late at night 10 45 when we decided to and also very close to my home.
I must say that i just loved the food there, they choice of kabab's and bearer advicing you which chutney will go with which kabab. The taste is just amazing. You pretty much get three choices.

1. Veg Kabab
2. Mini veg Kabab
3. Non Veg kabab

Once you choose what you want, person comes to your seat each time with one kabab and will advice you which chutney will go with the served kabab. You get around 9 - 10 different kabab's before you start the main course. The food is excellent, the service is too good!

Pricing is slightly on the higher side it is close to ~750 per person, but then i would say its worth it.

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Sathish said...

750!!, is that for a week or month?