Saturday, December 6, 2008

tarisa Tandoor

Branch of the tandoor that is located in sterling road(hotel aruna) chennai, is a typical north indian restuarant in mauritus. This restaurant is in tarisa resort and 5 mins walk from coralia resort in mont choiy.

The food is preety good and not all the expensive. It costs ~400 mauritian rupee for two people, the menu item that i liked the most was

1. plain nan
2. plain kulcha
3. carro halwa - not too good though
4. aaloo jeera
5. dhal makhani - was too good
6. stuffed paratta
7. hyderabadi chicken briyani
8. kulfi - was fresh n good

Indian food in mauritius is slightly expensive but this restaurant for its ambience is decent enough... one piece of advice for the travelers - do not buy coke / soft drink in the restaurant, it is amazingly expensive... (~50 MR for 250 ml), instead stock it if you go to a super market.

Overall verdict - Good north indian food which is decently priced. check out the link


sansmerci said...

welcome bak after long time eh?

how is tandoor in aruna? i hear that sigree is much better?

hey did u chek :) u shud write there i tell u, u get lotsa rewards... u write so well!

senthil natarajan said...

hi swarna , i must admit it has been a long time... the tandoor @ aruna isn't that great...

yes i read chennai.burrp after you recommended, how do i start writing in it?

sansmerci said...

u can search for ur restaurant by name and there is a 'write review' option' right below the address on the rite side... happy reviewing! and hope u win a lota rewards!