Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nights of Kabul

If Moguls had not invaded India, we would not have come to know about this delicious dish called Briyani, would we? ;). I used to think on these lines before eating or cooking Briyani. Most of us believe that briyani is Moguls dish, and was introduced to India by the Moguls. This belief could have been surfaced perhaps for the fact that Muslims cook delicious briyani. But, Chef Jacob in Time of India says, briyani existed in the sangam era in the name of “ஊன் சோறு” (Oon Soru, if you are Tamil challenged). Ancient Kings treated their soldiers with this dish before the war to thank them for taking part in the war and also in anticipation of victory. And this dish travelled all over the part and came back as a scrummy pack in the name of Briyani, he says. I'm still ambivalent about changing my perception though.

Coming back to the title of this post, Night of Kabul. We flocked to this Afghani restaurant in Melbourne some time back for a dinner. They serve authentic Afghani and persian dishes. I opted for their famous Kabuli Palau which was over in 3 mins from the time they served. Kabuli Palau is a must eat if you visit this or any other Afghani restaurant.This restaurant is located in the South Eastern suburb of Melbourne called Oakleigh.

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